Monday, 18 December 2017

#ReelOnHai - Art, Culture and Karachi!

Oh my my! Look at those beautifully painted reels. I mean I would definitely want one of those as my coffee table at home or as my lawn decoration piece.

Art has always attracted me and I got lucky that I could work on a project which enabled artists to promote Pakistani art and culture. If you’re an art enthusiast, you should definitely read about this campaign by Pakistan Cables.

In today's era, you don't see a lot of brands giving back to the community but Pakistan Cables took the opportunity and decided to beautify Karachi with its Reel On Hai project. Pakistan Cables has always been on the forefront of promoting social causes that help in terms of giving back to and connecting with the communities. Its recent collaboration with Karachi Biennale Trust (KBT) is one such example.  

Pakistan Cables and Karachi Biennale Trust signed an MoU earlier in July 2016 to collaborate on a public outreach project, Reel on Hai. Through the “Reel on Hai” project, the Public Outreach Committee of the Karachi Biennale invited artists, designers and architects to transform the empty cable reels provided by Pakistan Cables, the main activity partner, into pieces of art. These reels have been installed in over thirty five locations across schools, parks, hospitals and universities all over Karachi where artists have worked on site to engage the local community. Each unique work engages the community with activities designed around the work to sensitize them to art and the role it can play in projecting the dynamism of a society.

Pakistan Cables Limited also announced the launch of a coffee table book, ‘A Reel On Karachi – Art Installations in the City’ at the Alliance Francoise de Karachi in an event which was widely attended by members of the business, art and social communities.

The launch event included a stimulating panel discussion hosted by renowned Karachi based actor, Mr. Sajid Hasan who engaged with the panelists recollecting Karachi’s evolving history and the impact of Reel on Hai to the city’s landscape. Panelists included Ms. Marjorie Hussain (Art Critic), Mr. Arif Hasan (Urban Planner and Activist), Mr. Mohsin Sayeed (Public Outreach Committee and Journalist) and Ms. Masuma Khawaja Halai (Chair, Public Outreach Committee).

A free e-book version of “A Reel on Karachi” is available at the Company’s official website:

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