Saturday, 30 December 2017

#FitHongiMein - The trick to a healthier life.

  To all the fitness freaks, to all wanna be fit freaks, to all the newbies looking to get fit, winters are here and it’s time to start getting in shape again. Probably the most common question being asked around me and everyone else is how to lose weight and get in shape. The simple answer that I have always heard is “Dude, it ain’t easy.” But what should a woman do to get a flat stomach to wear all those pretty wedding dresses this shaadi season. Is it too much to ask for?

Being a Lahori with those massive taste buds for food was another setback for me when I started my fitness journey and tried almost all those weight loss teas and detox juices I could search over the internet and drink. The taste was beyond horrible and the results were amazing yet at the dear cost of my sweet taste buds which I lost since being a regular at this wasn’t just tough, it was near to impossible.

I found my redemption in drinking green tea just once or twice a day. The perfect alternative to all those bogus detox schemes without hurting my taste buds and my food consumption. Green tea has been my personal weight loss therapy for many months now and I haven’t just lost weight and stayed fit for a while now but I have also been complimented a lot for working towards such a physique.

Talking a bit about Green Tea and especially Tapal Green tea of which I am a vivid consumer, it is not just a hot drink to sip and enjoy in a lazy winter night. Instead this drink has been known for its numerous health benefits for a long time now yet people chose to ignore it in the contemporary world. From containing antioxidants for reducing fat to stopping pre mature aging to lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, you name it, green tea has it all. Apple cinnamon and lemon being the most favorite flavors of mine in Tapal Green tea providing me with a constant change of taste for my taste buds and keeping it interesting.

Even though some people find the taste of green tea as disgusting and gross but trust me it is a million times of a better therapy for weight loss and staying fit than those natural detox juices people are so keen to try and talk about.

What are you doing to stay fit and healthy this winters? Share your techniques in the comments below :)

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