Friday, 16 June 2017

Wasim Akram 502 by J. Fragrances - A fragrance with a touch of cricket

This country has been one of the most profound and dominating cricket nations in the entire world but what makes this country so unique. The answer is THE LEGENDS of cricket created by this soil. Wasim Akram is a name that doesn’t goes unheard when we talk about Pakistani cricket. Perhaps a better way to put the name is the Sultan of Swing. A bowler that not only bowed the world to its knees with his reverse swings and inswings but with one of the men who brought the only One day International World Cup in 1992 to Pakistan. Wasim Akram not only became the all time leading wicket taker in the history of Pakistan but became a symbol to inspire every cricketer for all times to come. But oh wait! There’s more.

                Waseem Akram has a whole new perfumed fragrance by the name of Waseem Akram 502 launched by J. Fragrances this season as the successor to its previous fragrance by the name of 414. J. Fragrances really gave this fragrance a touch of cricket in the literal way especially for the men’s fragrance. There are two different variants launched keeping in view the taste of the modern day man and woman. If I had to comment over the design of the newly launched bottles, I’d say J. fragrances has done a great job over this by simulating a gentle touch of cricket by making the bottles’ name as 502 referring to Wasim Akram’s all time number of wickets which are the highest by any Pakistani bowler in the history of cricket.

Diving a bit deeper into this magnificently designed Wasim Akram 502 for men leaves an impression of a hard ball of One Day International cricket. A fougere, fruity fragrance for the man which not only defies the conventional design of modern day fragrances but also provides a proactive blend of citrus and wood that liberates the senses. Fresh, clean and profoundly sensual fragrance. Offering a singular statement of determination and desire for today’s modern man.
The male variant is composed by j. Unites, the invigorating zest of cardamom, sweet orange and the power of fougere accord with the woody whisper of oak moss. New ambertonic and patchouli heart lends it a warm and sensual trail. A meeting of strength and elegance. Its predecessor, the 414, is nothing close to the fragrance of the all new 502 for men. The previous one gave an Arabic vibe but this is something new and out of the stumps. The price tag isn’t that much either. The 502 for him only costs PKR 3285/-  So all you cricket fans better hurry up in grabbing a bottle of your own. I presented one for myself though.
The female one at least.
I presented the Wasim Akram 502 for her for myself for a total of PKR 3502 /-  because I’m a total sucker for fragrances especially if it smells great. Yesterday, I wore it to my office yesterday and the compliments didn’t stop. I’m sticking to this 502 for now until it runs out. Even adds a great touch to my collection on the dressing table.
Its like a totally vibrant modern feminine creation with a sparkling top note inspired by the citrus accord of mandarin and orange crispy natural green accents and a lively mélange of fruity notes. This distinctive top note is further enhanced by an opulent bouquet made of  night blooming jasmine, marigold, rose, lily of the valley, orchid and iris. The warm and unique background of precious woods and mysterious amber give the scent a long lasting and sensual touch.
So folks, you better not keep waiting to buy one because this is a must buy. 

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