Monday, 22 May 2017

Lets Learn to Smile Again with Lays


There has been a lot of tough time for Pakistan in the recent times with all of negativity and hate spreading around the country like wildfire with no message of happiness spreading across. And in these dark moments Lays has come with a new rather innovative TVC commercial to spread happiness across. From engaging Messi to Wasim Akram’s commercial of #PassASmile from last year, this year Lays came up with the idea of #SayItWithASmile again for Ramadhan to share happiness in the holy month of Ramadhan. 

 Lays has become a multinational brand over the past few years and in Pakistan has not just become a consumer favorite chips brand but also a brand coming up with many prize giveaways and cash giveaways since the beginning. Bringing in the die-hard smile of the Pakistani Heartthrob Shahid Khan Afridi aka LALA in their commercial to spread happiness across the country with their commercial this season has been a campaign worthwhile by the brand itself. The timing has been perfect as well since the holy month is on its way to bring about the blessings for all of us. The brand engaging people to not just smile but SAY it with a smile since an ordinary smile just doesn’t get it done, which is why use a Lay’s Smiles pack to say what you’ve always hesitated to say it to others.
 With over 25 different and exciting Smile flavors readily available in the market across the country to celebrate happiness and this blessed month, you can associate the smiles of movie stars and celebrities along with different flavors to add uniqueness and specialty to your little moments of life to remember. You can use the comical smile pack to perhaps cheer someone up or the romantic smile pack to perhaps express love to your beloved or cheer up your sad partner for life. Not to mention Momal Sheikh, Imran Abbas and LALA himself spreading smiles and happiness over every television box across the country with a lot of amazing giveaways and prizes to make this month full of blessings even more blessed. 


Lays have launched a Smile promo to make sure their customers actually get happy instead of just expressing their smile by #SayItWithASmile. You can actually win around a million rupees weekly which is MINDBLOWING and not to mention the stunning Samsung S7 Edge Smartphone on a regular basis which even I want one. Entering the draw is quite simple and winning is even easier. Simply buy a Lays Smiles Pack and scratch the promo code from the back of the pack and SMS the “Code” to 9005. On a side note, the text message sent counts in as an entry instead of the code you send. So best of luck, have a happy blessed month, keep winning and pray that I win a million rupees or a smartphone too. 

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