Sunday, 21 May 2017

#KhaanaWithParosi - Hamari Shan

                   #KhaanaWithParosi – Hamari Shan


A major concern over the past few weeks for all Pakistanis has been the numerous amount of Chinese being sighted all across Pakistan. Where are they all coming from? The story goes back to the beginning of the Pak China Friendship in the 90s era which embarked a milestone for ages to come. The soon opening of ONE BELT ONE ROAD (OBOR) initiative and the sole key of the CHINA PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR (CPEC) in this initiative became a major corridor for Chinese folks to enter this country and settle down here.

The newly launched ad by Shan Foods regarding a Chinese engineer’s family settling down in Pakistan has taken the internet by storm and spreading like wildfire. The ad has been in constant talk over social media regarding a Chinese woman doing a crash course of making a scrumptious biryani using Shan spice mix. The ad further portraying the hospitality of Pakistani desis and their ability to bond with their neighbors by the concept of sharing food with each other which goes way long back. It all started when a Chinese Engineer and his wife settled down in Lahore for CPEC and his lonely wife decided to reach out to her neighbors as a means of bonding with others by the concept of sharing food.
The most famous food item of Pakistan called the chicken biryani made by the product of Shan Biryani Masala plays the role of the protagonist in bringing the two nations together here as one where the Chinese wife makes a scrumptious chicken biryani in her very first try with hardly in a few mins and presents them to their neighbors to make some new friends around In her neighborhood and decides to be part of the Pakistani Family as one. Even though making the biryani part so quickly was a bit of a cliché but the idea of a warm welcome of a foreigner regardless of who the person is was well appreciated and organized by the makers of the ad. The cultural blend portrayed by the makers when the Chinese wife uses a headscarf and the traditional Pakistani Shalwar kameez dress to blend in the community was a nice touch to the mixing of the two races as one which also became the target of criticism somehow. But under my opinion as a part of this community, this creation of the image was the core value of the ad itself as it embarked the intracultural relations between the people of two countries as many of you can already see majority of the Chinese settling in Pakistan opting for the traditional Pakistani clothing instead of the western attire.

The most important factor Shan Foods conveyed was #KhaanaWithParosi. The concept of sharing food and ow closely this concept is knitted in the Pakistani culture for ages now which I have been noticing since my childhood and the food always bringing people together in the matters of happiness and sorrows both. Concluding, this ad beautifully summed up the future of intracultural relations between the two countries and no matter how much these two races are culturally different food is the one that connects us all.

Go ahead. Make something delicious this Ramzan and share it with your neighbors. You’ll feel good.

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