Sunday, 23 April 2017

The elixir in summers - Rooh Afza #ZindagiMubarak

Some days back scrolling over my facebook timeline I came across a beautiful ad which not only made me emotional but brought back some old memories as well.  Over are the days when such beautiful message oriented advertisements were made. Hence this really made me talk about it on my blog. Here's the link of the advertisement made by Hamdard for Rooh Afza.

It came out as such an emotional storytelling. Very beautiful and relatable. Summers are truly incomplete without Rooh Afza.  Every child can relate his childhood with Rooh Afza and those are possibly good memories. I remember how my Ami used to give me Rooh Afza mixed with lemon as soon as I used to get back home from school. The most refreshing way to beat this scorching heat is to have a RoohAfza + lemon drops added. The rosy colored, the one which refreshes your soul and the one that has led to exaggerate to the core - the one and only Rooh Afza.

Also, the best part is so many families share the same bonding with Rooh Afzah in Pakistan.  Be it your grand grand father or your little sibling everyone has tasted Rooh Afza for sure.  If you look at its color, it enchants your heart. If you taste it, you find its flavor enlivening. In fragrance it excels other flowers. In efficacy it is quite an elixir. Its refreshing and invigorating effect is beyond reckoning. A sharbat like Rooh Afza has never been produced, nor ever shall be.

The father daughter bonding got me as I can feel and imagine the situation myself. The most beautiful relation is between a father & a daughter and a friendly father is a blessing. The advertisement shows the bond so beautifully that it got me teary eyed. :')

Rooh Afza has been a part of our life for generations, celebrated family values, relationships, the simple joys that each day brings and sweetens every occasion.


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