Sunday, 1 January 2017

Quaker's #OatSomeBrunch

Not a breakfast person as I usually wake up late. I prefer a cup of tea with something very light. So when it comes to breakfast, no one knows better how to provide a nourishing good start to the day than Quaker. This winter when oatmeal season is in full swing, the world-renowned and beloved brand Quaker made its official launch in Pakistan. Before today I had to go to big super stores to find imported Quaker Oats box. Life will be a lot easy with Quaker oats officially launching in Pakistan. For people who are unable of how important Oats are; Oats are a nutrition powerhouse; a rich source of dietary fiber, a good source of plant-based protein and it helps to reduce cholesterol in your body. With these many health benefits and more, Quaker Oats doesn't compromise on taste! I love the taste ad its better than all other local brands available.

 To showcase the delicious and versatile nature of oats, Quaker hosted a brunch at Cosa Nostra Lahore which included a buffet of scrumptious breakfast and brunch foods incorporating oats. Another buffet was arranged at Café Flo in Karachi. The who's who of the town were there to taste all the smoothies, pancakes, granolas and salads. The ambience and the décor at the buffet was beautiful. The admired Chef Mehboob showcased five-star recipes featuring Oats: Oatfully good omelette, Oat Quesadillas and Oat crumbed fish! You can check the recipes on Quaker Pakistan (@QuakerPK) Facebook Live videos. Bellies satisfied with the tasteful food, the attendees had similar parting comments: it was a wonderful and #OatsomeBrunch. I surely have some new easy and quick recipes to try every morning now, making my morning super easy.

Chef Mehboob's favorite Oatmeal Cookies Recipe is my favourite and you all should give it a try! Also for everyone asking how am I this fit? Quaker Oats as my breakfast is my secret to a fit and healthy life. You should also have Quaker Oats in breakfast as it surely provides a good start to the day. 

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