Saturday, 22 October 2016

Global Handwashing Day 2016 with Dettol. #DettolKaDhula

Did you know it was recently Global Handwashing Day? “Proper hand washing is the most effective intervention to reduce health hazards.”

Global Handwashing Day is an internationally recognized day, celebrated on October 15 annually, to create awareness about hand washing. According to WHO, diarrhea disease is the second leading cause of death in children under 5 worldwide accounting for 9 per cent of all deaths among children under age 5 in 2015. This translates into over 1,400 young children dying each day, or about 530,000 children a year. Many of these deaths occur in Pakistan; 53,300 deaths annually to be specific. What is even more saddening is that diarrhea is preventable through simple measures such as hand washing.Dettol Pakistan celebrated Global Handwashing Day 2016 by setting a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the most participants in a handwashing relay. The event was held at Metro Cash & Carry in Gulshan e Iqbal, where 1636 students from various local schools participated enthusiastically and in doing so broke the record of 1410 hand washes previously held by a town in India (2015). This Global Hand Washing Day, Dettol created awareness about the importance of hand washing by attempting to achieve a milestone for Pakistan - a World Record. By instilling a sense of pride and creating talk ability around this initiative, Dettol aims to ingrain the importance of this simple act into the minds of children, parents and all others nationwide.

Celebrity mothers like Nadia Hussain, Sarwat Gillani and Momal Sheikh were also present with their families to endorse the importance of handwashing.
Marking the occasion, Sarwat Gillani said, “Globally 1 child dies of diarrhea every minute. This is a disease that can be fought by the simple act of hand washing. Today Dettol is teaching children the importance of washing hands properly and its benefits. I am here to support this great cause because there is nothing more important than saving these innocent lives”.

Along with this, Dettol also explained 8 steps of Hand washing and how this is important for a healthy lifestyle. All mothers should teach healthy habits to their kids like washing hands, eating nutritious food, cleaning their rooms etc. Hand washing should be made a daily routine encouraging children from an early age and getting them into the habit of washing their hands as part of their school day will help ensure that this practice becomes part of their lifelong routine. Just by creating awareness, each one of us, can play our role in saving lives.

Dettol, the world’s leading germ protection brand has always strived to protect families by enabling better hygiene habits. In keeping with this legacy, Dettol used the platform of Global Handwashing Day to promote good hand hygiene practices, since one’s hands are the first point of contact with any surface and hence most vulnerable to germs. 

Here's the video Dettol made on Global Handwashing day 2016 : 

Just like Dettol let's all “Raise a hand for hygiene” 

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