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- Say no to Dowry - #RishtonMeinInnovation

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I have worked hard all my life to give them the best of all. The race of providing the best to your children has doubled up with the new generation. What I believe is that the best a father could bestow upon his daughter are his good upbringing, good manners and make her a good human being. When your daughter is growing up into a fine young lady, things like marriage and dowry should be least on a father’s mind. – Mubashir Ahmed, father of 3 daughters.

Among the patriarchal social traditions pervasive in our general public, the broad routine of jahez (endowment) influences both provincial and urban family. Generally, dowry is seen as a corrupting signal, an offering of appreciation by the bride’s parents to the husband for expressing gratitude toward them for the amazing privilege of taking this young lady off their hands. A poor or little endowment implies you are a frightful guardian and your girl's quality plunges. It is regularly felt that the husband to be and his ravenous family are the ones taking interest in dowry but I know how there are other reasons such as societal weight, happiness and comfort of my daughter too. In my opinion, dowry is an idea that ought to have been annihilated quite a while back, despite whose side of the family demands jahaiz.

Marriage is not about the mehndi, mayun, singing, dowry, garments and appliances. It is a vow two individuals take to confront the ups and down and to bolster each other in each stroll of life. Is there no real way to educate our generation that marriage is a pledge; a binding together element that should be supported with patience, tolerance, adoration, modesty and appreciation? How about we not instruct our children the wrong values, how about we figure out how to comprehend and not pass judgments.

Recently, seeing brands working effectively and taking stand against the ills established inside our general public. I was speechless by how perfectly Orient had figured out how to discourage the act of endowment and bring 'Rishton Mein Innovation'. We should not stay kept to the TVC but rather need to practice and create awareness against this social practice. More power to Orient for sending out this advertisement. It could have been implemented in a better way but something's better than nothing. Orient is at least playing their part in eradicating this social evil from the society. On the off chance that a trade is being made, then let it one that helps our young ladies. On the off chance that an exchange is going on, let it not be one of sense of pride for an existence made genuine by marriage. How about we give our young ladies that, rather than furniture and appliances. We should give them our backing and our support.

As indicated by Islamic researchers, the act of dowry is not embraced by Islam and endowments to the bride are just to be given voluntarily. Prophet Mohammad married four of his daughters and there is no record of him having offered anything to his daughters with the exception of Fatima to whom he gave basic necessities when she was married to Hazrat Ali.

Here is to another year with hope for a superior society that doesn't persecute anybody's daughter. Save a daughter, Educate a daughter – Say no to Dowry.  #RishtonMainInnovation 

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