Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Curious Case Of Shan Masood

Okay, I have been wanting to clarify this since a long time but then the same person who this post is about, himself once said 'Let the world talk, the truth will find a way somehow. That's how the world works. It can be cruel. Wait for your day. The work that I will put in will determine what I get in the end like it always has and not what the people say'.

I am sure most of you over here will identify who I am talking about. Its Shan Masood, yes. I would begin with stating how cricketers who can speak good English or with good educational background don't inspire me nor he is my Phoppo ka beta, my relative or anything else so stop targeting me over that! It will be appreciated.
Moving on, I would like to say how all of you can crack jokes on him and troll him. Yes, you can. You all have the right, I have been doing that with other players and there's no harm but there's a thin line where you need to stop and I have been noticing how people over the media and cricket fans have been ridiculing him over his father being a PCB board of Governor member and other things for a matter of fact. That's where things go wrong. Do you know the other side of the story? Do you know his struggles, his hard work or determination? Mind you, getting into a NATIONAL cricket team WITHOUT talent even for once let’s assume he had CONTACTS isn't possible. There are various other factors effecting the decision of the board. Also, another point I would like to raise here is If Shan's dad or whatever his connections are, were powerful enough why wasn't he there in Pakistan Super League's first edition? If Shifarish is all you need to get into a team no matter what the format of the game is, he should have played PSL. PCB owned PSL, I am sure his connections could have done something for him.

I don't care about any player, be it Shahid Afridi, if he's not performing I'll be his biggest critic and I have criticized Shan for not being able to perform as per expectation in England but the fact is has he been given enough chances? If you remember Kohli's tour to England he failed, failed again and again but he was retained in the team because HELLO? There's something known as building up a player's confidence and I am sure the BCCI management surely knows how to do their job. Kohli got out in the similar way giving catches in slips as Shan has been. Did the Indians term Kohli as a failure and threw him out of the team saying his career is over. The purpose of comparing Shan with the greats of Kohli doesn't mean I am comparing both the players. All I am saying is Kohli was given chances by the team and his country, he came out as one of the greatest players the cricket field has ever produced, can we do the same with our players letting alone Shan. Please give them time. The saying 'Patience is a virtue' should be let in.

Coming back to Shan, I don't want to argue what sort of a player he is because everyone will have different views over that but the quote I wrote in the beginning of my essay says a lot about his personality and the kind of person he is. Pakistan Team surely needs such positive people who try and not lose hope and try until they find a solution for the flaws in them. That's where inspiration and motivation comes in; Don't give up until you have successfully achieved what you wish for and getting a control over your flaws. Same goes for the case of Shan Masood vs Anderson. What I can figure out from his motivational personality is he is not going to give up easily and will try till the end to overcome this situation even if that takes him a decade. That's how people with passion to do something in life goes about life.

I don't know what the future has for Masood but all I know is I find people with such inspirational approach very strong and I take them as my motivation and mind you it's not just the approach, he has implemented this all along his life, Let's hope Shan Masood finds a way to get over his Anderson dilemma and make things easier for him and Pakistan Cricket Team, OH, and the fans who have been trolling him. :P

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