Friday, 29 July 2016

#Brumano - New Men Clothing range in town.

 Ever since Pakistan was struck by the world of internet in the contemporary world, online shopping has become the latest trend of this modern era that has shown quite a lot of potential and has proven itself as a major component of the consumer industry. In a third world country like Pakistan, where online shopping seems faulty due to the bad response over the quality of the consumer items, online shopping has had quite a setback for the future investments.

For someone as lazy like me, I sure as hell would still opt for it to try what suites the people. Like normal people surfing around the internet looking at those dynamic advertisements all over Facebook, I had quite a conversation with one of my friends over those pricy clothing lines showing up online with absolutely no quality whatsoever. To my curiosity, I began researching over this topic for a while and I came across a bunch of those fancy and expensive clothing lines with those state of the art online shopping carts to attract customers until I came across a newly launched clothing line in my vicinity. This particular clothing line, going by the name of BRUMANO quite intrigued me. A newly launched state of the art clothing store claiming to provide the top notch qualities for the male wardrobe at a moderate price tag ? This seemed interesting.

To my luck, I was looking for a present for my father for his birthday and BINGO! I just found something my dad would surely like. Ordering a shirt for my father from this store was quite easy when it came to procedure as it just asks you to set up an account, choose your particular shirt, choose the mode of payment you like and you’re good to go. Choosing the shirt took me a lot of time as there were so many designs to choose from. I even asked my mother for advice and together we decided to go for this shirt as my father likes the color blue and he has never tried the denim so I was like why not get him to try something new. The processing time for the order was quite fast as it took them half the day to dispatch my order to their delivery service and inform me by a confirmation call. I was lucky enough to order it before 4:30pm or else they would have dispatched it the next day and I couldn’t wait any longer to get that shirt to my father. The shipment arrived at my doorstep after 2 days with a very nicely packaged order presentable enough to directly run to my father for this present. Contrary to the popular belief of online shopping, my father actually loved the shirt and I was also impressed by the quality and effort this online clothing was providing to their customers. If anyone of you wants to buy something from Brumano, here are their online details:


  1. Looks like a promising website. I will definitely check out after your recommendation aman.

  2. What a review. reading it makes me order one shirt for my father too. the store looks promising too. Fingers crossed

  3. Nice review Aman!
    Just visited this site, designs are really amazing :)

  4. I am sure your father would have loved your gift. Just visited the site on your recommendation. Seriously it is full of awesome collection.