Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Mountain Dew #CopterHunting #HuntAndWin

On Sunday 24th April Mountain Dew hosted first of its type Copter Hunting competition named Copter Dew Challenge. The event took place at two locations in Karachi i.e. Harbor front & Boat basin and at Liberty Market in Lahore. Copter hunting was previously advertised in Mountain Dew TVCs.  Liberty market Lahore was brimming with individuals on Sunday who effectively took part in the activity. Such fascinating activities are a source of happiness for the nation. Copter Hunting Challenge at these venues were all about entertainment where participants were supposed to spot and snap pictures of dew copters and put up on Mountain Dew's Facebook page to win a great iPhone 6. Hash-tags #HuntAndWin and #CopterHunting were utilized for online promotion of this activity. 

Keeping in mind how the weather has turned hot, Mountain Dew took care of it and free chilled Mountain Dew bottles were distributed to the participants on the venue taking care of the thirst.
Such fun filled activities should take place regularly in order to keep people entertained.

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  1. its very awesome drink and all Pakistan and whole wold people like this ....
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