Thursday, 28 April 2016

Karnival On Wheels in Lahore. #GottaLoveExtra

Once again Kurkure comes up with another fun filled and thrilling activity and guess what? It will be covering 10 cities so most probably you will get to witness this action packed adventure. The next destination of Kurkure might be your city so watch out, guys. ;)
I was the lucky one to participate in this activity this Sunday at Liberty market, Lahore. After visiting Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the Kurkure Karnival truck reached Lahore on 24th April. The trucks arrived at Liberty Market, Lahore where people gathered and enjoyed different fun filled activities. I took my younger sister and brother along. The three main challenges the Kurkure Karnival trucks had were, 

  • Krunch Challenge – With a decibel meter to measure sound level, participants try to have Kurkure as loudly as possible.
  • Flavor Challenge – Blindfolded or Kurkure collets of two flavors are poured out in bowls, participants try to guess the flavor of Kurkure
  • Bites Challenge – Participants are timed and they try to finish a pack of Kurkure the fastest

    We tried all challenges and the second challenge was the most fun of all and guess what? I won the second challenge and won a goody bag. Like us, many other couples, families and siblings were participating in the activity. The purpose of these beautifully decorated trucks were to provide entertainment to the public which they successfully did. After half an hour of these fun filled and exciting I left with my family. It was after a long time, I did something different and fun with my siblings and all the credit goes to Kurkure, Pakistan, You rock, Kurkure!

    #KarnivalOnWheels #GottaLoveEXTRA are the hash-tags for this campaign. Join it in your city and have lots of fun. You can also win prizes by just spotting Kurkure Karnival trucks, capturing them and uploading the pics on social media with hash-tags.

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