Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Seaview Beach activity with Trashformers #Karachi #CleanAndGreen #Lays

The new Lays bumper featuring Wasim Akram has a positive message which is to keep Pakistan #CleanAndGreen.The initiative behind the campaign is to spread the message of keeping Pakistan Clean And Green by taking simple steps such as putting trash where it belongs. The aim is to spread awareness and create a positive impact in the fight against littering. 

A beach activity was held at Seaview beach, Karachi recently where Lays recycled trash to make lays trashformers . The activity basic initiative was that Lays recycled trash and made a trash bin out of it which they called trashformers, placing them at the beach. Here are some pictures showing how the activity took place and Lays was successful in taking a step towards a cleaner and greener Pakistan. Eager and responsible citizens fabricated a garbage can out of the reused waste for future use. The trashformers have been left at the shoreline and each individual is relied upon to have played its role towards making Pakistan cleaner and greener.If you happen to visit Seaview beach and spot a trashformer, make sure you put the nearby garbage in the bin. 

Credit to Lays Pakistan for bringing out the 'Clean and Green' message with their new energizing flavor which is a premium quality nibble as well as a medium for thriving cleanliness around every one of us.

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