Friday, 25 March 2016

Jalal Sons New Peri Peri Pizza in town!

The Peri Peri Pizza was launched by Jalal Sons in collaboration with Food Panda recently. Jalal Sons Pizzas without a doubt have one of the best pizzas in Lahore. This time around, Jalal Son's paired up with Foodpanda to get this delicious looking pizza to us so that we could give it a review. The Pizza arrived crisp and hot, all thanks to Foodpanda.

Pizza has always been my favorite thing to order when I dine out with friends and for me it was an exciting thing to get an opportunity to have a go at the new Peri Peri Pizza first. The pizza ended up being to a greater extent a spiced-up adaptation of the regular, yet famous Chicken Supreme Pizza. The Peri Peri flavored chicken was really a treat for the taste 
buds. It had ample cheese and chicken making it scrumptious, ideal for my loving. A few bites of of the crust were a bit under cooked too but that’s okay. Everything can’t be perfect. 

Photo credits : Abdullah Sulehri

The best part about this Peri Peri pizza was its size! A huge sized pizza in just 799 is a great deal. It was a sensible ordeal over all and only two cuts were sufficient to satisfy my appetite. Foodpanda’s effort to come up with such discounted deal while maintaining not only quantity but the quality of food is commendable. A must try Pizza. 

You can arrange the Pizza through Food Panda application straight away and get 20% discount. The most smoking kind of summer has hit your town. What's more, what better time it is to have a piece of the‪#‎FlavorRevolution‬? 

Order NOW with a select 20% discount at PKR 799 just from the foodpanda application or 

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