Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Everything starts on Social media and transformed into an occasion that even VIPs have a craving for discussing. #DoTheDew has totally changed itself with #DewMocracy and individuals are simply cherishing it. The energy and engagement level of dew fans is astounding as such. As the curiosity wasn’t enough, celebrities like Hamza Ali Abbasi, Uzair Jaswal & Junaid Khan joined in as brand ambassadors while focusing on the voting part.


 Dew Pakistan has chosen to think of a one of a kind idea for the introduction of another flavor and shade of dew. They've released a video of pop container that has three colored drinks. People were delighted to see different coloured drinks. 

#DewMocracy is about the three new colored and kinds of Dew. 

1-Blue Shock Raspberry flavor 

2-Pitch Black Grape flavor 

3-Live Wire Orange flavor 

The twist comes here where the 3 new Mountain Dew flavors are just LIMITED EDITIONS and one of them could stay in the longer run. Yes, you heard that right. That is the place the voting part comes in. So you vote in favor of your most loved flavour, and begin voting. The most astounding the vote number, the more risks for your most loved flavor to sit tight. Now that is called genuine #DEWmocracy!

Here’s the complete TVC for all three flavors, choose your pick:

You need to taste each of the three of the flavors, pick one that you like the most and after that vote in favor of it. Join #DewMocracy page for voting and overhauls on all the activity and #FlavorBattles happening between fans. You can vote by sending name of your most loved new flavor in sms to 9300. 

Don't keep calm, #DoTheDew and get #ReadyToVote for your most loved flavor/shading. My most loved one is blue and you need to vote in favor of it. Alright? Keep in mind to #VoteForBlueShock as it'll be a cool expansion to our supper tables :)


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