Saturday, 30 January 2016


Lays Pakistan starts 2016 with a blast when they propelled another flavor #YougurtAndHerb with Sports famous people Messi and Wasim Akram. They ain't halting with simply the TVC. There's another CSR campaign titled #CleanAndGreen , where Wasim Akram passes on an essential message of not to litter.

A perfect situation is our fundamental need however keeping it clean an earlier obligation. It's a more cognizant exertion requiring a magnanimous methodology in reliably keeping up clean surroundings for everybody around us and, not care for crunching a sack of chips, discarding the wrapper and letting it litter.
Credit to Lays Pakistan, who moved by this tipping point have thought of their #CleanAndGreen campaign crosswise over colleges in Karachi and will go to different regions also. The essential thought is to just keep the air and our environment hygienic. 

For #PlantAPack University Activation Brand Ambassadors dressed as tree mascots will be demonstrating to  students standards to plant a pack. The planted packs will be shown on an ECO BOARD ( A wall which students of t
he given colleges can improve by hanging their plants.) To make it all the more interesting universities are rivaling one another to make the greatest positive effect and have the most tastefully satisfying eco board took after by a Hashtag picture rivalry #PlantAPack (Lucky draw) to win UEFA Champions class Jackets and Laptop sacks.  I adored the idea of this campaign  and first execution in IBA was really amazing.
The Clean and Green task is about reusing and reusing the lays bundles for planting rather tossing them. Every bundle must be basically flipped around into a pot and not to mention clean the air for us. 

How to #PlantAPack?                                          

Planting a pack is modifying a lays pack (Inside out) then filling it with soil and planting a blossom/plant, the sacks are consequently used as bases/swaps for window boxes. Each planted pack will be a wellspring of freshness and obviously clean air.

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