Monday, 2 November 2015

#Nestle Stay Healthy Start Healthy #First1000days

Nestlé Pakistan organized a bloggers meet at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore under its initiative ‘Start Healthy, Stay Healthy’.
The occasion was sorted out to bring issues to light of the significance of nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a infant's life. The event started off with an instructive presentation followed by intuitive activities  by Dr. Huma Fahim who is Medical Advisor in Nestlé Nutrition. Amid her presentation Dr Huma discussed the significance of Nutrition, for initial 1000 days of a youngster's life from origination till 2 years.  Specifically, the initial 1,000 days of life are thought to be a significant time of life amid which the nutrition taken in by an individual infant assumes a vital part in deciding the wellbeing years later. The initial two years speak to the most basic time of development and advancement. For instance, the vast majority of the mental health is developed by the age of two years and the stature that an infant has at 2 years is a large portion of the tallness that infant will have as a grown-up.

Dr Huma additionally highlighted the way that Pakistan is a nation that is genuinely experiencing
malnutrition. As of now as indicated by a review led Pakistan positions third in the world with regards to lack of healthy sustenance which is disturbing. Right around half of the kids populace in Pakistan is at present a casualty of hunger which is because of inappropriate nutrition, unhygienic water and absence of crucial minerals that are basic for a kid's improvement, for example, iron and zinc.

Shah Mujeeb ud Din Country Compliance Manager at Nestle, said "Nestlé has an ability in nourishment and trusts it has an obligation to share that mastery. While discussing Nutrition, he said that it is essential to make individuals aware about what nourishment to eat and so forth. He likewise included that numerous parents particularly moms don't think about the way that breast milk is a proper diet for an infants development and in this way for the initial two years an infant should not be exposed to bundled or powdered milk. He also stated that because of lack of awareness on  health and nourishment obesity is on the ascent. In this way what you give your infant during the initial 2 years greatly affects his/her wellbeing and development later.

The event was graced with influential bloggers and social media activists who all decided to pledge that they will influence all media platforms to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition in the First 1000 Days of a child’s life. All bloggers interacted with each other and the interactive session and the fun filled activities with the guests speakers and the audience made the event even better. The event was well organized and we were given souvenirs after the event by Nestle followed by giving your feedback on the media wall at the event.

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