Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Got into you to challenge Amir Khan?

Got into you to challenge Amir Khan? 

Pakistan has been producing quite a lot of talented players when it comes to sports. This time around, the boxing sensation Amir Khan, has been creating news when he visited Pakistan earlier this month. Amir King Khan came to Lahore for the #StingChallenge and stingers had a take on him in the ring at a special meet and greet session at Pearl Continental, Lahore. The pictures and videos posted by stingers surely gave us an idea how amazing an event it was. The event was one of it's kinds, interactive meet and greet with the fans of the drink as well as the boxing champion. 
 The international sensation decided to call up for another #StingChallenge and directed his fans towards Sting’s facebook page where a video has been uploaded featuring him. The feature meets the splendor of the champion himself, from the visuals, to the sound and the distance to the last scene. The feature is a genuinely nail gnawing background by all methods and truly, it has made them anticipate the test more than the meet and welcome did. The #StingChallenge feature is downright a global video that we have never seen originating from any brand in Pakistan. 
Sting Facebook page ain't uncovering #StingChallenge subtle elements yet however they're most likely lighting fervor with Amir Khan's features and publications. It would appear that King is prepared to tackle the Stingers!!
Anticipating the test itself, we would prefer not to pass up a major opportunity for what's coming next. All we know is that it's going on the Sting Facebook page and you'll have the King of the ring in that spot with you for the #StingChallenge. 

The #StingChallenge video can be seen at :

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